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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I spotted a Dorsett boat in Chico

As jenny and I were driving down park avenue I spotted a Dorsett boat parked out front of a local business....she looked at me with a big grin and said " You are dieing to stop and look ". Oh if she only knew.... So as we took my Thanksgiving shopping list to the store we noticed our 1st snow of the season on the coastal range.....

So on my list I placed a post it reminder to go check out the boat

We stopped and I noticed a business called Farmer John's Barn and inside was an older ex rancher. it turns out he fixes and resells bikes as well as manufacturing pedicab carts. I asked if the boat out front was his , which he replied yes ain't she a beaut. So I asked if it was for sale , to which he said no....but I have a sixteen footer out back. He asked if I wanted to see it , I am sure you know how I replied....

I know it is not much to look at but I can see the may only be 16' but you can easily load crab pots on top of the cabin as well as a place to get out of the weather if need be. I guess dreaming about the possibilities make it worth while........

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  1. I have what I believe to be a decent 1974 Dorsett Cabin Cruiser. It was my father's who just passed and now I'm helping my mom let go of a few things to make it easier on her. The last I heard was it has a "lower unit" out on it but it's been covered for years ( about 15 ). It's 19' and in pretty decent condition. There is some outrigger and fishing equipment that could go along with it. Pictures to come soon. Reach me at